SABA should be defined not by what it does, but by what it delivers.

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SABA is one of the best Egyptian system integrators in the domain of information technology. We give a high level of solutions, services and products to our customers through our well trained staff. And we can be considered as a solution provider for many of IP-based technologies. We generate an acceptable rate of return on investment by delivering quality products and services to keep our customers 100% satisfied. At SABA, we work closely with our customers to engineer a total solution from initial concept, through complete network design and implementation, to extended lifetime support - this is the key to our success. SABA should be defined not by what it does, but by what it delivers


Infrastructure Solutions

SABA offers a variety of infrastructure solutions that can fit different conditions, standers application and Bandwidth. The biggest advantage of SABA infrastructure solutions is using any existing cable to transfer data, voice or video, even if this cable was Power, Phone or Coaxial cable beside the Fiber, UTP and wireless solutions. ....

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Infrastructure Solutions

Provides solutions for Data Network over:

  • Fiber Optic Solutions
  • UTP & FTP Solutions
  • Power cables Solutions “Up to 1 Gbps”
  • Coaxial cables Solutions “Up to 1 Gbps”
  • Phone cables Solutions “Up to 1 Gbps”
  • Wireless Solutions

Wireless Coverage Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve your wireless coverage or install a new network, we have the right solution to fit your needs. SABA offers a variety of integrated solutions in order to deliver high signal strength in your in-door and out-door areas...

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Wireless Coverage Solutions

SABA offers a variety of Wireless solution including Out-door, Indoor & even INWALL APs.

SABA wireless team has different wireless certificates and capable to give you the best performance with minimal quantity of access points.

Surveillance Solutions

Looking for the best solution that guarantees your security & operation monitoring with highest quality and minimal infrastructure cost? SABA’s video Surveillance solutions provide an advanced networking & surveillance solution that caters to the demands of modern IP video surveillance applications. This solution eliminates the complexity and limitations of traditional network offerings, allowing customers to realize the full potential of their video surveillance equipment...

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Surveillance Solutions

SABA has many different surveillance solutions, and can integrate the surveillance system with Access Control & Point of Sale systems.

Internet Management & Billing Solutions

Large enterprises, as well as small and medium sized companies now days need to manage their networks in order to improve operational efficiency and analyze network traffic to ensure optimum utilization. On the other hand internet became the major communication technology; SABA offers a variety of solutions to manage both network and internet connections, SABA also provides advanced networking appliances that are engineered to utilize multiple broadband connections concurrently...

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Internet Management & Billing Solutions

  • Managed Switches
  • Bandwidth Management Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Internet Bonding Routers
  • Internet Load Balance Routers
  • Internet Billing Systems

Voice over IP Solutions

SABA provides different solutions for VOIP networks; one of the main features of SABA’s VOIP solution is using the already installed analog phone for providing the new VOIP one. Beside that SABA can integrate VOIP networks with other solutions in order to provide triple play solution...

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Voice over IP Solutions

SABA is dedicated to providing you with the best communications platform for your business. We understand that every company or hotel has various challenges to overcome with their internal and external communications. We will use our extensive knowledge of the VOIP market to choose the correct solution for your company

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About SABA

Our Story

SABA was founded in 2002 under the name of SABA Electric by two shareholders in order to serve the market of light current solutions, few months later SABA started to focus on the data network solutions. By 2008 SABA Electric became one of the most known system integrators in Egypt especially in the hospitality, industrial & ISPs market. By the end of 2014 and due to the huge growth of the information system market, SABA Electric’s share holders decided to increase the company capital and shareholders in order to offer more solutions & products with a joint-stock company under the name of SABA.


Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping them to reach their goals, while operating the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees and to make it a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, and we are committed to be a responsible citizen that makes a difference in the society.


SABA will be the best Egyptian system integrator in the domain of information technology through our solutions and premium support. We will be the new technologies leader and we will support the new Egyptian innovators in order to make Egypt in a good place in the IT filed among the world.


Our goal can be achieved only by hiring for quality not quantity; SABA is not intent on being the largest company in the field, but rather the best.


We strive for the highest standards and we will act with openness, honesty and respect in all that we do.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to enable our customers’ success by providing them with state of the art system integration solutions that ensure quality of products for advanced solutions.

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